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Building a Strong Economy and Sustainable Infrastructure

A strong economy and sustainable infrastructure are the bedrock upon which our city's prosperity rests. As a dedicated public servant, I have prioritized initiatives that bolster economic growth, attract investments, and create employment opportunities for our community members. By fostering a thriving business environment, we ensure a vibrant future for all Wilsonians.
Our focus on economic development has led to remarkable achievements in the Wilson Corporate Park. By actively courting world-renowned pharmaceutical companies, we have successfully attracted major players in the industry, bringing high-quality jobs and career opportunities to our residents. These companies not only contribute to the economic growth of our city but also support the local supply chain, creating a ripple effect that benefits small businesses and stimulates further job creation.
Additionally, the Wilson Corporate Park is not limited to pharmaceuticals alone. We have fostered a diverse range of industries within the park, such as technology, manufacturing, and research and development, ensuring a robust and resilient economic ecosystem. This diversity allows us to weather economic challenges more effectively, as different sectors can provide stability and growth even in times of uncertainty.
While economic development is crucial, it must go hand in hand with sustainable infrastructure. Our investment in Buckhorn Reservoir, our largest water source, ensures a secure water supply for future generations. By enlarging the reservoir and implementing water treatment and wastewater upgrades, we guarantee that our community's water needs are met while safeguarding our natural resources. This commitment to sustainability extends to our investment in the Greenlight broadband system. Not only does Greenlight provide essential educational tools to our citizens, empowering them with knowledge and opportunities, but it also enables efficient sharing of diagnostic data in medical facilities. This leads to better healthcare outcomes and lower costs.

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