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James Johnson, III

I am James Johnson, III, a dedicated public servant deeply rooted in the vibrant community of Wilson. Raised in this city, my passion for service and commitment to its residents run deep within me.

My educational journey began at Hunt High School, where I received a comprehensive education that laid the foundation for my future endeavors. Continuing my pursuit of knowledge, I enrolled at Atlantic Christian College, now known as Barton College, where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Equipped with academic excellence and a thirst for making a difference, I embarked on a professional journey alongside my father in his life and health insurance business, serving as an agent and honing my skills in the industry.

Throughout my journey, my active involvement in various community groups helped me cultivate a reputation for hard work and unwavering dedication. It is this dedication that prompted an invitation to run for the esteemed Wilson City Council—a responsibility I proudly accepted. Since being elected, my focus has been on enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Wilson and working collaboratively with fellow community members to achieve common goals.

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